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Ethan Allen

I. Company Background Ethan Allen is a reknowned furniture company that started in the 1930s when its founders bought a bankrupt furniture industry in Beecher Falls, Vermont, naming it after a Revolutionary War hero. This...

Ergo Contracts Philippines

Ergo Contracts is a furniture company that sells more than just office furniture. The company derived its name from the term ‘ergonomics’ or “a science that deals with or studies the co-relation between man and his environment in which he works at...

IKEA Furniture

I. Company Background IKEA, a furniture company, was founded in the year 1926 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad. Its company name was derived from his initials I.K. , combined with the first letters of Elmatryd (E) , and Annguyard (A) , with these two being the...

Weekly Roundup Suppliers: Blims Fine Furniture and Bo Concept

In need of new furniture for your household? Looking for imported ones? There may be a lot of stores selling imported furniture here in Philippines that you could visit and buy a set or two. To name a few, there’s Blims, Bo Concept, Design Ligna, Forty...

SB Furniture

I. Company Background SB Furniture , a furniture company, was established in the year 1967 in Thailand which became known as the leading furniture manufacturer and retailer for its 4 years of experience, continuing to provide fashionable and long-lasting...

Focolare Carpentry Training Center

I. Company Background Focolare Carpentry Training Center or FCTC started once as a social center for adults possessing particular talents which then later developed or grew into an institution in the year 1968, with the help of an Italian master carpenter...

Affordable Furniture in Manila

Looking for some affordable sets of furniture to set up at your house? Want to save money rather than spending big on furniture that are not only expensive but won’t last long or easily breaks? Don’t fret. There are stores that sell some affordable...

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