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I. Company Background

Designs Ligna (company name was derived from the Latin word ‘ligna’ which means “wood”) is a furniture designing company that started in 1969 by Al de Lange together with his wife, having the goal to make the finest wooden furniture and its designs different from that of others. Along with this, the company started its expansion in the year 1980, giving a vast supply for the leading manufacturers in United States, continuing to produce original designs and marketing their own creativity.

Later in the 1990s, this furniture designing industry developed their product lines and sold their designs in other countries with a passion for making quality furniture and a belief in creative designs as well as workmanship excellency. Designs Ligna is one type of furniture industry that is environment friendly and socially conscious as it influences careful selection of wood materials that is used to make furniture. Examples of  ‘wood’ used in furniture making are Ash, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut as they are well-managed and sustainable. However, this company also uses natural materials (e.g. organic fibers, vines, shells , barks and fabric) that is native to our country. Designs Ligna also sees to it that their customers or client are given the fiver year warranty they need for the furniture they bought and also its service like restoration, refurbishing and re-finishing.

II. Sample Products of Designs Ligna

A. Ash Wood Material

B. Maple Wood Material

C. Teak Wood Material

D. Philippine Mahogany Material

E. White Ash Material

F. Walnut Material

G. Zebrano Veneer Material

H. Leather

I. Indigenous Materials (e.g. wicker, rattan/malacca poles, abacca and sea grass, hand -cut coconut shells and hand-crushed bamboo)

J. Others

III. Designs Ligna Locator Address and Contact Info

Designs Ligna – Office

Address: Isateram Bldg. , Magsaysay Rd. Ext. San Antonio , San Pedro , Laguna 4023 Philippines
Telephone No. : (02) 869-4126/Fax No. : (02) 869-4127
Email Address: [email protected] /[email protected]

Designs Ligna – Nicanor Garcia Showroom

Address: 235 Nicanor Garcia St. , Bel Air II, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone No. : (02) 553-8973
Email Address: [email protected]

Designs Ligna – Greenbelt 5 Showroom

Address: Level 3 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone No. : (02) 729-1025
Email Address: [email protected]




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