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Weekly Roundup Supplier: LazBoy Furniture

I. Company Background

LazBoy, a furniture company, was established in the 1920s by two young cousins Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker after quitting their jobs in order to follow their dream which is to work on manufacturing furniture pieces. During this year, Mr. Knabusch worked on making desks out of wood material for the Weis Manufacturing Company and worked on mirrors, cabinets, and even novelty cabinets for his family and friends.

LazBoy has been recognized as one of the best-known and respected brands in the furniture industry, though only a few remember how this company began wherein the two cousins crafted doll furniture and cabinets outside the garage of Edward’s father. It was formerly known as Kna-Shoe Manufacturing Company.

The two Eds reconsidered this company when Edward experienced rejection from a terminal agent as he traveled to pick up a freight order , with his company name being mislabeled as “New Shoe Company” and his shipment refused to be released. The two Eds soon changed the name of the company into Floral City Furniture after the misadventure, however , they experienced another problem – the garage was not big enough for the two cousins to work on their business and their income was not enough since they were refused by the local bank when they asked to loan money. Undaunted by this, Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker continued with their business as their friends and relatives pitched in, especially Edward’s father, who at first was hesitant to sell his farm just so that he could start up a business. Floral City Furniture (now called LazBoy Furniture) is being built in Michigan in 1924 and started crafting novelty furniture, one of them being “Gossiper” which allowed customers or people to sit. A very first upholstered recliner chair was invented within 1929 upon the advice or suggestion of a customer.

Later on in the 1930s, Mr. Knabusch and Mr. Shoemaker designed a wood-slat porch chair , as well as a recliner (with the use of orange crates) which later improved Floral Furniture Company’s reputation for quality. A rival manufacturer tried to copy the design, mechanism and name of Floral City Furniture/LazBoy while others complained about the company

being a retailer and manufacturer at the same time. Somehow in 1941, Floral City Furniture and LazBoy were made separate names, upon the decision of Mr. Knabusch and Mr. Shoemaker.

Just then, the company encountered another problem—no recliner chairs were produced due to scarcity of materials and labor during the time of Pearl Harbor attack and World War II, but neither of these events disheartened them from working together. LazBoy continues to expand its business and introduce new furniture pieces up to this present time or year.

II. Sample Products of LazBoy

Furniture products or pieces sold by LazBoy are recliners, chairs, sofas, sectionals, loveseats, ottomans, tables , sleepers and other products. Good for everyone’s comfort.

A. Recliners

B. Sofas

C. Urban Attitudes

D. Power Products

E. Chairs

F. Sectionals

G. Sleepers

H. Loveseats

I. Ottomans

J. Tables

K. Outdoor Furniture

L. Spas & Hot Tubs

III. Services Offered By LazBoy Furniture

Aside from selling furniture pieces or products, LazBoy Furniture also offers services to its clients or customers such as design service wherein the staff there will be the one to design your home and its interiors.

IV. LazBoy Furniture’s Locator Address and Contact Info

LazBoy Furniture – SM Megamall

Address: 4th Floor, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila
Telephone: (02) 234-1307



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