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Focolare Carpentry Training Center

I. Company Background

Focolare Carpentry Training Center or FCTC started once as a social center for adults possessing particular talents which then later developed or grew into an institution in the year 1968, with the help of an Italian master carpenter and two Filipino carvers combining their skills in starting this project,

thus building a furniture manufacturing center or industry. This institution is the Work of Mary or Focolare Movement for Men, Inc.’s social project, as well as an international non-stock non-profit religious organization with their aim to provide opportunities for those out-of-school youths such that they would learn employable skills (i.e. Furniture Carpentry), raise functional literacy, and develop proper values and attitudes.

FCTC is accomplished through a rigorous and sensible training for young people, incorporating them with Christian values which help them to become concerned individual and aware of his or her own responsibility. Aside from this, Focolare Carpentry Training Center visualizes this kind of training as a way of improving lives and provides them with value-oriented manpower.

The creativity of FCTC members caught the attention of an Israeli interior designer who then authorized the institution to produce or make a furniture piece for her project. Satisfied with their work, this interior designer refered FCTC to her friends, relatives and clients to order furniture from this shop, thus gaining FCTC more customers from other countries.

II. Sample Products of Focolare Carpentry Training Center

Other than furniture products, Focolare Carpentry Training Center also sells items related to religion such as figurines of Mama Mary and Jesus, angels and the likes, as well as miscellaneous items that young people might like or enjoy in buying and keep them as display for their house.

A. Furniture Items

B. Religious items

C. Miscellaneous Items

III. Focolare’s Locator Address and Contact Info

Focolare Carpentry Training Center – Main

Address: Don S. Celso Tuason Ave., Valley Golf, Cainta, Rizal
Telephone: 658-4819/658-1244
Fax: 658-1761
Email Address: [email protected]




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