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Weekly Roundup: Top Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking

for furniture pieces to display at the outdoors of your home? Need ideas on which furniture piece to buy for your outdoor? There are a lot of them in store for you to check out. In buying outdoor furniture, there are also some precautions to measure or consider, we don’t just buy them because of its appearance but also its use and the quality as well as durability.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of the furniture. Check them first or test them inflatable floating water park out to see if they are really made of good quality before settling to buy them so as not to end up buying a poor quality furniture and wasting a huge amount of money.

Moving on to buying outdoor furniture, here are some good furniture shops where you can buy outdoor furniture pieces for your home.

1) Sindo

Sindo is one of the furniture store that creates good quality hand-crafted outdoor furniture pieces out materials such as rattan skin, abaca, carabao leather, bamboo, wrought iron, stone and coconut shell.


Address: Suite 121, Ground Floor, Mid Section, LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia St. Bel-Air II, Makati City, Manila, Philippines 1209
Telephone: (02) 846-6432

2) Woven Furniture Designs Inc.

Woven Furniture Designs Inc. is a Philippine-based company that was established in July 2007, specializing in making outdoor furniture out of woven materials, as well as doing customized furniture designs for their customers.

Address: Caimito St., Purok Narra,

Bagong Daan, Tayud, Lilo-an Cebu 6002 Philippines
Telephone: (63-32) 564-3794
Mobile: 0922-8336109/0922-8125161
Email: [email protected]



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