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Weekly Roundup: Top Office Desk Design

Need some inspiring design ideas for your office desk? Thinking of remodeling or revamping your office? Worry no more cause there are design ideas that would help you. Searching for office desk design ideas does not have to be that difficult. All it takes is to determine the type of look you would want. Office desk designs vary and depend on the size of your room, as well as your style and needs.

Here are the top design ideas for your office desk:

1) Shin Azumi’s Covet Desk

This desk design by Shin Azumi may be the simplest one yet it is one of the best as it is known to hold a pile of papers and files in one compartment or desk drawer, keeping one’s workspace free of clutter and giving one a sense of comfort to work.

2) Uffixs Luna Desk

The stylish and modern desk made by an Italian company may just give you a futuristic sense. This may be placed in the center of your workspace or office.

3) The Max Ingrand Desk

Named after a French inflatable floating water park designer and artist Max Ingrand. This desk gives you a fantastic look combined with an artsy and functional style and is inclusive of a whole-seat workspace.

4) Sophie Kirkpatrick’s Duplex Workspace Desk

Needing some privacy when working? Then this duplex workspace desk may be the right kind of desk for you. A duplex workspace desk features a hood

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part that you could just turn up whenever you needed to concentrate on your work without getting disturbed by your colleagues or co-workers.

5) The Treasury Table by Process

A simple desk with dual purpose –a workspace and storage. This desk designed by Process is multi-faceted wherein you can both work on it and keep your files underneath, equipped with many drawers and translucent mat-surfaced glass desk.

6) Elena Rurua’s WD Desk

This glossy desk designed by Elena Rurua comes in black and white colors with a swirl pattern and are good for everyone’s office –whether modern or home. This one-of-a-kind desk design features a small platform that can be used for storing files.

7) The Airia Desk

Kaijju Studios’ very own design is perfect for everyone’s room, even that of a teenager’s. It consists or features a primary workspace along with a drawer.

8) Briefcase Desk

A creative office desk design made out of recycled briefcase? Why not? Well, those are actually drawers. Fancy enough for

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a worker to work on.


In need of more desk design ideas? Check these ones out!


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