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Top 10 Modern Kitchen Designs

Are you searching for design ideas how to write an essay about environment for your kitchen? Needing help with the makeover? Easy! We have some design ideas provided for you so as to help you in renovating your kitchen.

1) No decorative pendant lighting

Gone are the days when you’ll be needing this kind of lighting to catch your attention, however, it would help you focus or keep an eye on your working area.

2) Social Kitchen

This kind of modern kitchen design would involve having a large island in your very own kitchen for cooking, preparing and dining purposes. Not only can this be used for eating but also for doing home works or even projects while still providing space for everyone to prepare meals.

3) Stainless Steel Finishes

Ever came across a kitchen with a stainless who can write my essay steel finish? This type of kitchen design would make it more easier for you and your family to clean the place after every meals. However, do keep in mind that they do scratch.

4) Cabinetry

Need a cabinet to store your foods and other ingredients for cooking? Settle for either a white or dark natural woods to replace those overly decorated cabinets.

5) Counter phone spy free trial Tops

Whenever you opt for having a counter top for your kitchen, go for the light colored ones or those that are less granite.

6) Hardware

You don’t have to be really that artsy with those ‘decorative’ pulls or knobs. It can be just that simple.

7) Integrated Sink Tops

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Counters with built-in sink tops are here to help you out so you won’t have to worry about some clutters on your work space in the kitchen.

8) Horizontally oriented


Are you in need of a big space for your kitchen? All it takes is just a little bit of adjustment in your kitchen area and an open floor plan.

9) Consolidated appliances

Everything you needed for your kitchen is here, including dishwasher drawers and even refrigerators.

10) Stainless Steel Appliances

Examples of brands such as Viking, Miele, Sub-Zero, GE Monogram and Dacor have good quality stainless steel appliance which have a long term value and function very well. You wouldn’t regret having these branded stainless appliances at your home.


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