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Small Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Designing your kitchen in a contemporary way has many styles. You may even arrange your kitchen furniture and appliances any way you want it or even have the walls and tiles of your kitchen painted with earthly colors, making it look contemporary and up-to-date. As for the kitchen cabinets, the most recommended type of material used would be the maple wood and using one color for your kitchen counter top.

Small Contemporary Kitchen Design with Earthly Color and Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinet 

You may even turn your small kitchen into an open type and a simplified one with a storage for your kitchen needs. For the open-kitchen type, cabinets that are placed kids inflatable water park under kitchen islands are ideal since they allot a bigger space for storage.

Small Open Type Contemporary Kitchen Design With Cabinets Under Kitchen Island 

Go for lighter colors when choosing a cabinet to make your kitchen look more welcoming and comfortable to work at. You may event want to extend the floorings of your kitchen area with just one material.

Small Streamlined Contemporary Kitchen Design 

Don’t you know that the dining area is also part of your kitchen? Make it look beautiful by complementing your light cabinet with a touch of dark covering or veneer for your dining furniture.

Small Contemporary Kitchen Design With Contemporary Dining Area

Make your small kitchen look more spacious by moving and arranging some of your kitchen furniture without even changing the dimensions. Moreover, go for stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Small Yet Spacious Contemporary Galley Kitchen Design



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