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Inside Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Thinking of installing lights inside your cabinet? Installing inside cabinet lighting can help highlight certain pieces or even lighten up the whole collection and there are selections of light to choose from such as puck light, miniature recessed lighting, LED strip lights, LED tape lights, microfluorescent light fixtures, Xenon low voltage light strip, Ambiance Lx Cable Light Strip System, LED Rope lights and picture lights to help you find the right one.

Below are samples of light sources:

Each different type of lighting has its own purpose. For display cabinets, mostly suggested types of lighting are either microfluorescent lights or LED light strips as they provide great lighting to your cabinet, coming in warm white color temperature.

As for other cabinets and hutches as well as curio cases , puck lights are good choices as they give radiant light to individual or group of objects and make them look appealing to other people.

Before finding a light source to install, consider first its duration. Will it be just

temporary or permanent? Second, the space you’re living in, will it be a residential

or commercial? Third, the cabinet itself. Is it a multiple cabinet or just one? Consider as well the type of lighting you will use for the cabinet and see to it that the lighting fits its purpose.

There are at least three or four lighting source or options: the LED tape, LED rope or LED lighting strips and cabinet mounted picture lights which are easy to install as they involve a mounting hardware and they provide good lighting.

Below are few more samples of light inside cabinet ideas. Check them out!



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