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Designing Your Kitchen Furniture

Think it’s time to revamp your kitchen and looking for great ideas on how to design it? Easy! Designing your kitchen could come in any style or way you want it to look like. But do you know that the most important part of designing the kitchen is the layout itself? Your kitchen’s layout or planning determines the ease of cooking and directs how the appliances, sink, cabinets, counters, windows, doors, or even your furniture such as tables and chairs should be placed. It’s not just about giving your kitchen a beautiful makeover by adding some decors into it but also determining your kitchen’s layout.

Most common kitchen layouts are one-wall kitchen, galley, U-shape, U-shape & Island, G-shape, L-shape and L-shape & Island. The one-wall kitchen layout design is typically or usually found in small homes and works best where all the kitchen appliances , cooking tools and ingredients are kept within reach. However, your sink and refrigerator unfortunately may take up some of the spaces in your home.

The galley-kitchen layout, on the other hand, works best in many restaurant or commercial kitchens and is known to be the most effective of all layouts. Just like the one-wall kitchen layout, the galley kitchen layout also uses up the small spaces.

Similar to the one-wall and kitchen galley, a U-shaped kitchen layout is also considered efficient and designed for a one cook but it can also become problematic in a sense that it doesn’t provide enough room for a kitchen table and chairs due to its small size as well as making it impossible for the dishwasher to fit in.

With the U-shaped kitchen with island type of layout, it will be easy for

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you to get your work done with the cooking as well as interacting with everyone, moreover there’s plenty of room for storage, or other stuff for your kitchen use.

The G-shaped kitchen layout is very much like the U-shaped type but an enlarged version in a sense that it is much workable for more cooks.

An L-shaped kitchen layout would be the best option for people who are fond of entertainment and socialization as this provides greater room for them to interact with their guests, whether it is a family gathering or a cocktail party.

Last but not the least is the L-shaped kitchen with island layout which is a more flexible and spacious place making it easy for people to have their kitchen planning.

Aside from the kitchen layout is the style of designing your kitchen. Would you want it to be a traditional, transitional, rustic, country, contemporary or an outdoor type? A traditional style of kitchen design consists of a formal or elegant look and also has an American or European characteristic dating from the 18th , 19th and early 20th centuries. This style includes a Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and other styles one may think of.

The transitional kitchen design comes along with a mixture of traditional and contemporary elements and are diverse with natural and man-made materials.

A rustic kitchen design would more likely remind you of a lodge or a log cabin when you take a look at it with its regional American style.

Country kitchen styles will make you feel at home with its ambience, having a light and/or bright colors, lacquered cabinets, and other country-related themes.

Contemporary kitchen designs are known to have this mixture of modern, austere and symmetric characteristics with man-made material furniture pieces.

Outdoor kitchen designs are more on small and simple style, including a grill, counter area used for preparing food, and a dining counter or table.

Can’t get enough of kitchen designing? Check on sites for more design tips and ideas.



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