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9 Under The Cabinet Lighting Designs

Are you thinking of installing down LED lights under your kitchen cabinet? The lights which are under your the cabinet above the benchtop?

Lighten up your kitchen countertop makes yout kitchen brighter. With lights under your cabinet, it will make your kitchen amazing and stylish. While most lights are useful by providing task lighting, most installation of lighting in the kitchen are decorative in purpose. Better yet, if you have crown molding install above your kitchen cabinet, it can complement your plan and create a wonderful impact on your kitchen lighting design.

There are many differen types of lighting you can choose to add your lighting under your cabinet. You can choose either Halogen lights, Flourescent, LED lights, or Ropes Lights.There are even high voltage lighting or low voltage lights. So better checkout retail stores before planning to install lighting under your cabinet.

Check out these cool under the cabinet lighting designs and see what fits your kitchen.


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