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UK Nursery Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture pieces or sets for your baby’s nursery room, you don’t have to worry at all about spending a lot of money as there are nursery shops in UK that offers them at a lower price. Shops like Argos, Boori, Silver Cross and many more stores that you prefer to visit and buy furniture for your baby’s nursery.


As UK’s leading digital retailer or furniture supplier, Argos continues to expand its business by offering more than 33,000 products through its online site and serving around 130 trampoline for water million customers , making it continue to be UK’s high street retailer with over 430 million website visits. They make their customers’ shopping more easier and accessible , moreover, they are environment-friendly as they deal with environmental issues like waste management and energy consumption by keeping their surroundings clean and their products free from any damage.

Their product line for baby’s nursery needs include nursery furniture sets, chest of drawers, changing tables, wardrobes, chairs & footstools , and underbed & undercot drawers. They are available by brand, color and finish/material that you prefer.

Nursery Furniture Sets

Chest of Drawers

Changing Tables



Chairs & Footstools

Underbed & Undercot Drawers


This company has been established in the year 1993 and the team behind this company incorporates the best furniture every parent and family needs for their baby’s room, whether contemporary or classic. They also make sure that their products are durable and has a long term value.

Boori features collections of nursery furniture sets for your baby’s room such as Sleigh, Provence Convertible Plus, Classic Royale, Universal, and more. Their product range includes changers, mattresses, dressers & chests, cot beds, wardrobes ,  accessories and beds.



Provence Convertible Plus

Classic Royale


Silver Cross

The story behind this company all started in the year 1877 when its founder, Mr. William Wilson came up with the first baby carriage from which he later on developed an innovate spring system.  This company’s name was associated with royalty , usually a carriage for King George VI.  Later on, Silver Cross earned a reputation for making a high quality craftsmanship and design, thus making this company become one of the biggest exporters and was also renowned for manufacturing exclusive baby coaches known as “Rolls-Royce of Prams”

Products of this company include variety of collections from Prams & Pushchairs as well as Home & Nursery.


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