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Small Condo Furniture Design

Moving into a condominium? Looking for ideas on furniture designing for your small condo? There are at least three things to consider in choosing your condo design and these are good planning, maximum use of space and self-expression. Careful planning and organization in designing your small condo is a must so as to save time as well as money.

Aside from the design, do you know that you could make your small condo a big spacious room, not just for you and your family, but also for your guests? Here are some  tips that would help as you supply your small condominium unit.

1) Furniture  - To make your small condo look wibit inflatable water park like a big room, go for the space-saving furniture pieces such as a sofa bed with a tuck away mattress or even buy some folding table and chair.

2) Appliances – Settle for an LCD/LED TV type matched with a wall-mounted audio system in your living room for entertainment purposes. As for the laundry, go for the automatic ones that have dual purpose rather than the manual one.

3) Get organized and be free of clutter – Why not go for organizers that will help store the unneeded items?

4) Less furniture, more space  - Go easy with the furniture and save enough room.

5) Have some “green” in your condo – Keeping some plants in your small condominium unit would make it look more warm and welcoming to your guests or you could even have some mini-garden in your balcony (in case your condo has one).

Here are some small condo furniture ideas that will help you.


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