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Moving into a city? Needing new furniture sets in your hometown? You’ve got everything in City Furniture!

City Furniture is a company based in Florida and founded in the year 1971 by a young man named Kevin Koenig. At a very young age, Kevin used to work at a little shop for some weeks, earning up to $1,500 which led him to open up his first store which was Waterbed City. His younger brother, together with his friends, later on worked with him in managing this small business. Their fervent entrepreneurial spirit led them to open up more Waterbed City stores somewhere.

These young entrepreneurs initially started with their business by manufacturing dressers, mirrors, and nightstands to go with the beds, partnering with those in North Carolina. Later kids inflatable water park on in the year 1989, with their business continuing to grow steadily, these businessmen introduced a new product line which is the mattress. They opened up a new store, renaming their business , thus giving birth to City Furniture in August 1994.

This company’s mission is to enrich their customers’ lives and make the world a better place. Included in their product line collection are furniture sets for the living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment, outdoor, home office , kids & teens , home accents, etc.

Living Room Furniture 

Bedroom Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Entertainment Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Home Office Furniture 

Kids & Teens’ Furniture

Home Accents Furniture



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