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Wool Rugs

Wool is often considered as an ideal choice of fiber when it comes to making or buying rugs as they are known for being resilient and its soft texture allows the wool to quickly recover from any crushing or indenting that’s caused by footsteps or furniture. Moreover, the fiber’s resilience keeps the rug look new and fresh.

Aside from resilience, wool is stain and soil resistant and has a higher rate of resistance to stain compared to the best synthetic fibers, brought about by a natural light of lanolin (fatty substance that is naturally found on the sheep’s wool)  which helps in coating the fiber’s surface, protecting trampoline for water it from being penetrated by dirt and stains. Not only is a wool resistant to stain and soil, it resists from flame as well as it provides flame retardant without adding any harmful chemicals.

Wool is known for its durable quality. Though wool  may be a bit costly compared to other synthetic fibers, they are considered to be a better choice than any other rug types.

In case you would want to shop for wool rugs to display at your home, Crate & Barrel would be one of the best choice of store to visit.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel was ran in the year 1962 as a family business when couples Gordon and Carole Segal returned from their honeymoon in Europe , amazed by the simplicity and affordability of things such as handmade glassware as well as a practical but nice dinnerware with beautiful ceramic serving pieces that  they bought for their home in Chicago.

This company’s first store was opened in an old elevator factory on Wells Street which becomes quite trendy with all its stores, antique shops and restaurants. From there, the Segal couple built up their dream that was based on their necessity. Crate & Barrel later on became the talk of the town ,  much to the enthusiasm and hard work of this couple who enjoyed getting acquainted with their customers with whom they shared their firsthand knowledge of the products they sell.  Later on in 2008, Crate & Barrel officially became an international destination, starting from the opening of their Toronto home store then followed by other states, as well as other countries. This company continues to expand its business to other customers online , with their catalogs being the best in industry and its new edition reaching to millions of customers.

Right now, this company is known as a privately held company that is being owned by Otto Group of Hamburg, Germany which serves as the second largest online retailer.

Here are a few samples of wool rugs from Crate & Barrel that might pique your interest.


Rugs USA

Rugs USA has been the leading rug retail company since 1998 for its dedication to bring every family high quality rugs, furniture and home décor that they are looking for and sell them at an affordable price.

They have everything that you might be asking for, especially rugs at any type or kind such as wool rug. They offer free shipping service on all US orders to US residents. For this industry  , meeting their customer’s satisfaction is very important to them and they are committed to bring the best quality products that they can offer to every customers.

Other styles  or designs of rugs sold by this company are contemporary, geometric, traditional, vintage, animal print, braided, sisal, shag, southwest, kids and outdoor.

Check out at least few of their wool rug samples.


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