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Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are types of window coverings generally known as Venetian blinds. There are a number of horizontal wooden slats joined together by corded pulleys which can either gather all the slats at the top of the window in order to reveal the view or just simply angle the slats allowing amounts of light to travel to the blinds yet remaining some level of privacy. These types of window coverings come in a number of finishes and sizes. They are also available as vertical blinds. Wooden blinds are usually made up of wider slats and they operate virtually the same way as their horizontal counterparts do.

There are kinds of wooden blinds people should consider such as Pinoleum blinds and Faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds serve as an alternative to real wood blinds. They are known in some countries as Plaswood (Plastic and Wood).  These wooden window blinds are made of composite man-made materials and natural wood particles and they are less expensive than that of a natural wood.

Pinoleum Blinds, on the other hand, are made up of small wooden twigs laid horizontally and are joined together by vertical threading. These blinds are often used to make blinds for the Conservatory.

There are a lot of Wooden blinds you can find in any store you visit, most especially in department and home improvement stores. You can also buy any of them from suppliers like Direct Blinds, Select Blinds.com and American Blinds. They provide customers high quality wooden blinds they look for or need.

Wooden Blinds by Direct Blinds

Wooden Blinds by Select Blinds

Wooden Blinds by American Blinds

You can view more samples of wooden blinds.


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