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Vertical Blinds

Unlike any other window blinds, vertical blinds are less prone to dust as they stand vertically and they draw side to side rather than lifting or lowering. They can operate better on doors and windows that slide from side to side and require much less strength. These blinds are available in PVC, metal, plastic, S-curved slats and faux wood materials.

Some vertical blinds , especially stationary ones, hung in the doorways of some homes that generally leave the door open. You can find these vertical blinds in many retail stores that provide these pieces of furniture and from other suppliers. There are a lot of them in Home Depot, Hunter Douglas, Kirsch.com.

Home Depot

Home Depot sells a variety of products from other departments, most especially furniture pieces like window blinds. They have everything you need for your home that you find very essential for use.

Vertical blinds supplied by Home Depot are available in colors, measurement and pricing.

Hunter Douglas

At Hunter Douglas, you can design your own window blinds, most especially vertical blinds by selecting a category and product. Great design is important for this window blinds supplier as they believe that it is beautiful to live with and that it provides variable light control, protects your furnishings from harmful UV rays, insulates your rooms against heat and cold while saving energy at the same time, and lastly, it absorbs the sound and improves acoustics.


This company dates back to the time when the first flat curtain and telescoping rod were invented by Charles Kirsch in the year 1907. Right now, Kirsch was noted for a fashion forward style of Blinds & Shades, Basic Hardware and Decorative Hardware.

Kirsch was established for the purpose of perfecting, patenting and manufacturing the simplest kinds of rods for modern draping needs. This met the demand for practical , strong and durable rod for its distinctive design and finishing style.

Still curious with which shop to visit and purchase your vertical window blinds from? Here are other suppliers you could go to and browse through their vertical window blinds.

Vertical Blinds by Blinds Philippines

Vertical Blinds by Blinds To Go

Vertical Blinds by Vertilux


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