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Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are just another kind  or style of rug that everyone might want to place or display in every area of their home. There are three different styles of rug and these are contemporary, transitional and traditional. Different style would mostly complement different kinds of home.

The first thing that a design associate would most likely ask you whenever you go shopping for rugs will be the style of rug that you would want for your home, whether it is traditional, the transitional or contemporary one.

Traditional rug designs differ from any kind of designs as they represent a modern day presentation of European and Asian patterns. However, in some cases or instances, traditional inflatable water park for adults rug designs may have the same exact patterns used for the next few generations. They are often thought of as formal though they can also be described as homely, most especially for casual living spaces. Traditional rug designs may also contain some elements such as floral or other intricate patterns and so on.

Unlike traditional rugs, contemporary rug designs contain retro patterns and these are used as references for art deco  , most especially for arts and crafts. Traditional, when blended with a touch of contemporary style, becomes transitional . This blend aims to provide your home a sense of elegance and timelessness, and there’s also a bit of color contrast.

Traditional rugs can be bought at almost any shops that supply them such as Asha Carpets and Kilim. They provide you with high quality traditional rugs.

Asha Carpets

This company was founded by Joanna Michalowicz whose experience as master weaver and textile restorer has led her into establishing this industry. The goal of this company is not just to reproduce the correct texture of existing historical carpets but to capture and recreate a unique spirit that the texture contributes as well.


The company derived its name from a Turkish origin, Kilim, which denotes a pileless textile with many uses produced by one of its several flat-weaving techniques. Kilim rugs differ from that of a carpet or pile rug is that designs visible on the pile rug are made with invisible short strands of different color that is being knotted and held together by tightly pressing the wefts whereas designs on the kilim rug are made by interweaving different colors of wefts and warps, forming a flatweave.

Kilim rugs are generally woven with a slitweave technique in which the slit refers to the gap left between two blocks of color which is created by returning the weft around the last warp in a color area then the weft of its adjacent color is returned to the adjacent warp.

Their rugs are available by style, type, age and size, depending on your style and preference .



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