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Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are types

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of rugs that are made from a sheep’s hide or rather known as lambskin. Compared to other common leather, sheepskin is being tanned with fleece and it is used for producing sheepskin leather products and even soft wool-lined coverings such as slippers, gloves, seat Water Trampoline covers, and more.

Sheepskin is effective for making rug products due that the fiber is resistant to flame and static electricity. You would see people throughout the Old World wearing traditional dress that are made from sheepskin as they are popular even to those from Eastern Europe and Northern Asia that they are used as part of national costume . In other parts of the world, sheepskin is being referred through other terms like kozukh and kozhushanka in Ukraine, zamarra in Spain , cnuba in Tibet, ton in Kazakh and cojoc in Romania.

There are many shops that customers can visit whenever they are interested or planning to buy sheepskin rugs such as Kiwi Sheepskins and Toast. They produce high quality sheepskin rugs that people are looking for.

Kiwi Sheepskin

Kiwi Sheepskin is a New Zealand based company that is being established in 2002 as a family business where every staff member can be a shareholder. This industry is a sheepskin specialist that concentrates 100% of their resources and commitment in providing an efficient, convenient online shopping experience for their customers.

Kiwi Sheepskin ships their products to different countries including Taiwan, China, Guam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, United States (except for cosmetics) , Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore , as well as France, Romania, San Marino, and other European countries.

For this company, they don’t just manufacture anything themselves and they source their other materials from New Zealand’s leading sheepskin tanneries .

Customers can check out samples of sheepskin rugs by this sheepskin retailer through their website.


This company aims to create and present unique products designed with great care and made from exceptional materials in a simple and inspiring way.

Toast has been established in the year 1997 in West Wales by Jessica and Jamie Seaton and until now, they are growing steadily into becoming a company that is renowned for its uncompromising commitment when it comes to quality, creativity and thoughtfulness.

Toast opens 11 stores throughout UK and its offices in London and Swansea. , making it become a fast-growing company. Interested customers can check out some of this company’s sample sheepskin rugs.

There are other samples of sheepskin rugs that you might be interested to check out . These sheepskin rugs can also be bought from different retailers like IKEA.

These sheepskin rugs can also be bought from different retailers like IKEA. Their soft , furry texture are just irresistible to touch and lightens the mood in everyone’s home.



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