Rugs play an important part in every family’s home as they serve the purpose of keeping the floor free from dirt. Aside from this, they also define the spaces of your room and enhance your décor. These are oblong-shaped pieces of woven fabric for the purpose of protecting everyone’s body from getting cold and also for covering pieces of furniture such as tables, couches, beds ,  even the walls and floors of your household.

Rugs are often times confused with carpets which are actually larger and cover the flooring exclusively. In contrast with rugs, carpets are fixated on the floor whereas rugs lie loosely. These two words are often being used interchangeably by most people.

Rugs are being hand woven and have existed way back in trampoline for water 2,500 B.C. wherein their use  are depicted by drawings on Nineveh’s palace walls. Some people also believe that rug weaving was first introduced by Cyrus II (known as Cyrus The Great) during his time in the Persian Empire.

This piece of furniture can be made from different material such as wool which is the traditional choice, or even from fibers such as a camel or goat hair, cotton, jute and silk. Rugs can be in any size, shape, style, material and color. You can have them placed either inside or outside your house, whichever you prefer.

As for where you can shop for rugs that you could place at your house, Home Decorators is one of a good store that you could visit. Their rugs are available in any material , size, color, shape,  and style of your choice.

Home Decorators

Home Decorators is an online store that everyone can visit whenever they look for home décor or furniture. This company is known as one of the nation’s largest direct sellers of home décor and they offer exceptional values on an extensive selection of high quality furniture, accessories and even area rugs which are available by website and catalog that they can browse.

This home décor seller debuted its first catalog with 56 pages in the year 1991, then later on growing on to 100 pages and so on. They feature all catalog merchandise and many products that are online exclusively.


The story behind this company started in the year 1964 wherein retailers Barbara Hulanicki and Barbara set off to lead a revolution in a way British people shop for fashion,  giving Terence Conran and Caroline the idea to revolutionize the way people shop for their homes, with the aid of Philip Pollock and Pagan Taylor.

This company’s concept is to offer a radical and distinctively European idea to shop for furniture , with its mantra for that anything useful can be beautiful and affordable.

Later on, the store makes its headlines in the Sunday Times newspaper where Elizabeth Goodman features an article about ‘Habitat’ , noting about what the smart people have been buying lately. Habitat was described to have a heavy nine-foot-tall oak door and will open its branch or new shop in London. The store opens its door to British shoppers on the 11th of May 1964, with furniture pieces and other products from Britain, Italy and France.

Habitat continues to progress even up to the present year, with more of its products available to shoppers in need of furniture pieces for their home.

Rugs by Habitats are available by material, color, collection, and type which might just interest you and your family.







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