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Rug Underlay

Just like rug grippers, rug underlay helps prevent accidents and keeps your rug repositioned to its place. Underlay simply refers to a thin layer of cushioning materials like foam, crumb rudder, felt or even sponge rubber. A rug underlay is a thick extra layer of padding and it is designed to increase support and comfort while extending the life of the rug. These common underlay material often includes wool, latex and foam.

You can purchase rug underlay from suppliers such as IKEA, Rug Pad USA and Masters Home Improvement. These suppliers or rug retailers provide customers a high quality rug underlay they could have for their flooring.


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Underlay by IKEA

Rug underlay by these supplier helps keep your rugs in place and reduces slipping as well as making it easier for everyone to vacuum. This rug underlay works well on all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.

Rug Underlay by Rug Pad USA

Rug Pad USA have four different features or kinds of rug underlay that you could display at your home’s flooring: Super-lock Natural, Eco-Solid, Econolock Natural and Superior Lock. Super-lock Natural rug underlay has a high quality , natural rubber non-slip underlay which may look like any ordinary non-slip rug underlay. This rug underlay was made in USA with genuine natural rubber materials enhancing grip and longevity.

An Eco-solid rug underlay, on the other hand, offers a more solid design with a superior level of non slip grip over any ordinary waffle rug underlay. This rug underlay is manufactured with the use of soybean oil, replacing some of the petrochemical content in some typical rug underlays.

There are other different kinds of rug underlays for you to choose from.

Rug Underlay by Masters Home Improvement





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