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Rug Grippers

Are you fond of using tapes to get hold of your rugs? You can purchase rug grippers instead to keep your floor rugs secured whenever you want to move them. Rug grippers are safe alternatives to tape and nails and they are suitable for several different surfaces. These rug grippers are available in different sizes that can fit to just the corners, edges or the sides of your rug. Among the types of rug grippers that any one can use, corner rug grippers are considered to be the most convenient as users can just easily stick them to the sides of their floor rugs.

Rug grippers come in three different types: tape or adhesive grippers, rug gripping mats and press-on rug grippers. People may find rug gripping mats easy to remove or separate from the rug and they are washable. Most of them even include padding which make the rug look more comfortable. Adhesive rug grippers, on the other hand, are not washable but they do provide great control.  This kind of rug gripper is usually available , sold as rolls of carpet tape. Last but not the least is the stick on rug gripper or the anti-slip. These are small plastic shapes sticking onto the sides or corners of the rug in order to prevent the rug from sliding. These kinds of rugs are said to be better than mats.

Adhesive Grippers

Rug Gripping Mats

Press-on Rug Grippers

Before buying one, there are things that you would have to consider such as the kind of feature you want for your rug gripper. Most of them have basic gripping technology to keep your rug from slipping while some are water resistant that you can keep these rugs in your bathroom. You may also prefer the washable ones so that you can wash them easily with the use of your washing machine. There are also those types of reusable rug grippers for you if you have to take them off and switch rugs.

There are so many shops that you can visit and purchase your rug grippers such as Optimum Technologies, Canadian Tire, Walgreen’s and many more.

Rug Grippers by Optimum Technologies

This company supplies you with rug grippers that you can put either in your home or office. Their rug grippers help prevent tripping on bunched rugs, can be used on both rug and mats, provide horizontal hold as well as allow vertical releasability, cost less than that of a rug pad, work well on all flooring types and they are made in United States.

Rug Grippers by Canadian Tire

Rug grippers by As Seen On TV Ruggies are supplied by this company. They help prevent bunches, slips, trips and curled corners. These rug grippers also help keep rugs and mats in place without leaving a sticky residue. Apply these rug grippers by pressing and sticking on hard flooring and carpeting.

Rug Grippers by Walgreens





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