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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds or rather known as Roman shades are types of window covering used to block out sunlight from entering the room. These are blinds that are different from any standard types of window blinds or shades in a sense that they stack up evenly when opened and they are visibly smooth.

These kinds of window blinds are usually opened with a cord mechanism which allows you to adjust the height of the covered area. Roman blinds are available in a variety of styles and different kinds of materials. We have both Looped Roman Blinds and Classic Roman Blinds designed to create both dimension and depth. The difference between these two is that Looped Roman Shades have these folds cascading down the face’s shade which helps to create depth whereas the Classic Roman Shades give off a pleated design batten front and back.

Looped Roman Blinds

Classic Roman Blinds

Don’t want to spend a dime but still want to have your very own Roman blinds..? It’s just simple. You can make your own Roman window blinds. To create this kind of window blinds, you may be needing the following materials: needle and thread, cord lock, brass rings, iron, fabric, staple gun, screw eyes, cord tassle, cord condenser, two 2-by-3 inch swatches of fabric, disappearing ink pen, shade lift cord, ¼ inch dowels, and cotton strips .

To start, you would have to cut your fabric to its appropriate size, depending on your window’s measurement. Then hem the sides of your shade fabric by pressing it on each side ½ inch and folding in another ½ inch and sew along the edges. You would also have to hem the bottom of your shade fabric by pressing the fabric ½ inch then folding up to 2 inches , then sew again along the edge.

As soon as the edges of your fabric were hemmed, from the bottom finished hem of your shade fabric, chalk lines across the front, measure up 10 inches of it and mark, then measure another 2 inches and mark, continuing the pattern up to the top.

Using your sewing machine, stitch together the lines that are 2 inches apart , creating small sleeves in the back of your shade. Attach your  1X2 board above the window with a hammer and nails or screw. Next is to attach the top of your shade to the top of the 30 inch board with a staple gun.

At each ends of the dowel, attach the screw eyes. Then insert the dowels into each sleeve.

Tie your cord to the bottom screw eye on the left side of your shade, then weave the cord through the screw eyes along that edge. Repeat the same step on the right side and attach the cord from the left side of the cord to the cord from the right side then tie the knot well.

Attach the cleat to the walls on the right side of the shade. With this, you can wrap the cords around the cleat to keep it in place when you draw your own Roman shade.




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