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Pleated Blinds

Also known as plisse, pleated blinds are an attractive and versatile substitute to venetian or roller blinds. These are window coverings that have very slim top and bottom rails that very neatly draw up to the top of the window when not needed and they take up less than other types of window blinds.

Pleated blinds are window coverings made from pleated fabric pulling up to sit flat at the top of the window. These window blinds are similar to cellular blinds except that cellular shades are made up of two or more layers joined at the pleats in order to form cellular compartments that trap air and provide insulation.

There are many suppliers or home improvement stores that sell these kinds of window coverings. You can visit Verosol, Hillary’s Blinds, Direct Blinds and many more. They provide high quality pleated window blinds for everyone’s needs at home.


This company’s story started way back in the year 1963 when its founder, Cornelis Verolme sailed into New York Harbour and was awed at the imposing skyline. Noticing that the towering skyscrapers were made mostly from glass, Verolme became passionate with the idea of making a solution and experimented many ideas and concepts.

In the year 1965, Cornelis came up with the Verolme vaccum metallising company and developed a process of applying a microscopic layer of aluminum to textile, which is unique up until the present time.

Here are some samples of pleated blinds by this company.

Hillary’s Blinds

This company’s mission is to make sure that every single window in a single home gets the focus and attention it deserves. They have an inspiring collection of window dressings with stunning designs and superb fabrics to transform every one’s windows from a blank canvas into the centerpiece of their room.

Direct Blinds

This company is an online brand owned by Swift Direct Blinds Ltd. which supplies high quality made to measure blinds directly to customers nationwide through Internet. Direct Blinds was established in the year 1969, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

With an experience

for over 40 years in manufacturing and supplying all types of window blinds.



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