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Muebles dela rota de Cebu

Ever been to Cebu? Have you ever seen pieces of furniture they made or rather say, crafted? Before anything else, let me first give you some trivial facts about Cebu, especially its historical significance. Cebu derived its name from the word “Sebu”  , or in other words, animal fat. Cebu was also considered to be a place for commerce and trade where the Chinese people would usually sell porcelains and silks , long before we were colonized by the Spanish government.  Cebuanos usually live in houses made of bamboo and wear tattoos, jewelry and silks.

What marked its historical significance was the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in the year 1521 A.D. , a period wherein Christianity was being introduced as a religion to the Cebuanos and converted Rajah Humabon to a Christian. What was more significant was the Battle of Mactan where Lapu-Lapu fought with Ferdinand Magellan and killed him. This was in resistance against the Spanish rule and the foreigners’ invasion.  This historical event led to two famous tourist spots namely Lapu-Lapu Monument and Magellan’s cross to be built in that city.

Now going to Cebu’s expertise, the city is known for producing and exporting furniture made in rattan during the 1950s. This trading prospered from the 60s and 70s until their supplies diminished, causing the exportation of rattan to be banned by the Philippine Government and leading to the Cebuano traders to later search for other business opportunities and discover other materials that they could use.

One of its finest product was the “abaca” or “Manila Hemp” where its fiber is being used to produce and manufacture a furniture. Arurong , on the other hand, is being used to craft baskets trays and other accessories made through handicrafts. This material can also be used to make furniture, usually with a combination of rattan and metal. There are more products that Cebu is known for like buri , which is used for making hats, placemats and other stuff, as well as furniture like barrel chairs, love seats, peacock chairs , coffee tables, etc. Lampakanay is an aquatic perennial herb in Cebu with its fiber being extracted to make baskets, bag or even pieces of furniture like a sofa. Raffia, another one of Cebu’s product, is extracted from a buri palm.

Rattan, the last but not the least, is being used to manufacture both home furniture and accessories.






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