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Kids’ Rugs

When it comes to kids’ safety, rugs play an important role by keeping your children safe from dirt and other harmful substance. Rugs are not just placed in your kids’ bedroom for décor, they also help keep the room’s flooring free of dirt.

Parents who want to keep their children safe and healthy can buy kids’ rugs from any store or rug retailers that supply them. Shops like Benuta, Tesco, Safavieh Rugs and many other shops. These rug retailers or rug selling companies have high quality rugs, especially rugs for your kids’ bedroom.


Rugs for kids that are sold by this company are available by gender (for girls/boys) , brand, price, material and color. They also have a variety of great rugs that your kids will enjoy having in their bedroom and these rugs are non-toxic.  They are even of premium quality. You can view some of their rugs that might keep you interested in buying one of them. You can view them by brand, color, price range, material or design and even shape.

Just like any other rug company, Tesco also has a high quality rugs every parent could buy for their kids’ rooms to keep the floor dirt free and your children safe. They have a lot of rugs for your kids, with different theme or brand, color, pricing, retailers,  and the likes.


Starting initially as an artisan family business, this company has strived for the past thirty years in operating its business by manufacturing and distributing rugs, thus having gone a long way to become a high tech corporation. Growing from one showroom in Madison Avenue to become an international player with two million square feet of warehouse space and their own manufacturing facilities on three continents, Safavieh now drop-shipped thousands of packages daily to their customers on behalf of their retailers in all 50 states, including Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

This company started operating its business in the year 1914 with their core philosophy of consumer education to which informed customers and their commitment to quality have helped them becoming the world’s finest weaver of luxury rugs. This company started as a supplier of antique Oriental rugs to leading interior designers and they continue to combine one of the country’s finest collections of antique rugs from the great weaving centers and work with globally notable style leaders.

Now based in United States in the year 1978, Safavieh combines its rug and home furnishing showrooms with that of a varied wholesale business, supplying its own production lines from the classical rug weaving centers. Its company is located in the headquarters of Port Washington, New York. This company opens its permanent showrooms year round in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and High Point, NC.

This company started its licensing program in the year 2006 with Thomas O’ Brien who has been its longtime customer and whose taste they had been admiring for decades. They launched more of their rugs like Martha Stewart Rug Collection in 2007 and Safavieh Couture in the year 2009.

See more of their rugs, such as those for kids, and feel free to browse each one of them.



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