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It’s all about IKEA rugs. Everything you need, any kind of rugs you are looking for may be bought here

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in this rug retailer. IKEA has a range of high quality rugs in different styles and colors and you can choose from high pile, low pile and flat woven. Customers can view a selection of rugs of different sizes, shapes, sizes, material , colors, etc.

You can buy rugs in IKEA and have them displayed in your living room, bedroom, bath room , kitchen area, your kids room and even have them placed outdoor. Rugs by IKEA are also available by brand, design and price range.

Living Room Rugs

Bedroom Rugs

Here are more samples of IKEA’s rug collection that you may be interested in and buy them. Either by brand or material .

Alhede rug collections are known for its dense , thick pile that dampens sound , as well as providing

a smooth surface for every one to walk on. Aside from this, Alhede rugs are also known for its durability, resistance to stain and easy to care for. This rug collection is designed by IKEA of Sweden.

The key features of Nordis rug collection are similar to that of Alhede’s. They are also known for its durability and resistance to stain. They are also easy to care for. Their dense and thick pile dampens every sound and provides a smooth surface to people to walk on by. Nordis rugs can be combined with both old and new things as its style is both romantic and modern. This rug collection was designed by Evalou Hauge.

Gaser rug collections measure 7’10” long, 5’7” wide with its area measuring 43.92 square feet. Gaser rugs are also designed by IKEA of Sweden, similar to Alhede rug collections.

You can browse through more IKEA rugs for your curiosity’s sake. More of their sample rugs might just pique your interest.



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