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Home Designing Tips and Ideas

Time to re-vamp your home again?  Looking for bright furnishing design ideas? Re-designing a house may either be an easy or daunting task for anyone but following some tips or steps will help them along the way when they start doing the job.

1) Expand/maximize your horizons

Maximizing your home space can be done by selecting picking rounded things like a rug as they do symbolize infinity. Apart from allowing your room to look bigger, it also goes along well with quasi-furniture objects. Make your house look or  seem more spacious by using a rounded piece of furniture (e.g. rug, ottoman, bed, etc.)

2)  Add some changes

Liven up your room with some simple changes like adding some staircase or moving some pieces of furniture from one place to another. Like for instance , you may want to  move the book shelves from the living room into your own bedroom or whatever changes you want to make. It’s all up to you.

3) Have a bit of sunlight at your home

No person would want to live in a room full of darkness. When or if ever you would want to add curtains, go for light colors like yellow, or even pastel colors (e.g. sky blue, light purple, etc.) .

4) Consider the measurements of your house

Whether you want to measure your bedroom, kitchen, living room or any other portions of your room, always make sure that you measure the size or dimensions (you may even want to do some conversions), do not go or settle for chunky pieces of furniture (e.g. chandelier) as it may make your room look small. Again, your goal is to make your room look bigger and spacious.

5) Have some map collections

Start collecting some maps and use them as wall decorations. They may either be old or new and using them may help you save enough budget from buying some expensive wall decorations or ornaments.

6) Go soft with the wallpapers

Bring your house to life by adding some wallpaper decorations. They may be patterned designs or just a plain simple color. You may even want to pick out contrasting colors to paint up the walls of your room according to your personality.


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