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Floor mats, or usually known as door-mats, are flat and usually rectangular pieces of fabric placed either inside or outside of everyone’s door steps. These mats are also being used to welcome visitors and they allow people to easily scrub or wipe the soles of their shoes or feet before entering.

These pieces of fabric usually made from tough and durable material such as palm fibres and stalks , cloth, rubber, nylon, aluminum, coir and other materials used to manufacture these kinds of fabric. These are also known as welcome mats for their purpose of welcoming and entertaining guests, usually bearing words, greetings, or messages.

There are kinds of inflatable water park for adults floor mats that everyone can find such as entrance matting or carpet matting , logo mats and heated mats. Logo mats are kinds of floor mats that are used as a way of advertising your business entrance. These kinds of floor mats attract both visitors and passing

pedestrians and they are offered in four versions and variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Carpet matting or entrance matting are floor mats made with vinyl, special backing or rubber used to control door mats, movement, shapes, widths, wall-to-wall carpet mats, and even custom lengths. Heated mats are mats that melt ice and snow, providing warmth for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Logo Mats

Carpet Mats or Entrance Mats

Heated Mats

You can shop and purchase floor mats in suppliers such as Initial, RS, Ford and other mat retailers you prefer to visit.

Floor Mats by RS

Floor Mats by Ford

Floor Mats by Martin Nicholson Inc.

Still looking for more floor mat samples..? You can browse through or look at these



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