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Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs, or otherwise known as modern rugs, contains more of modern art designs as compared to those of a conventional rug in a sense that they embody bold color choices and unique design elements. Aside from this, contemporary rugs are considered novelties as they more than just floor coverings or works of art, making them a perfect centerpiece for a modern living space.

Contemporary Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs, on the contrary, are more on like the Oriental, Persian, and other classic area rugs that are being used in traditional homes. They are known for being trampoline for water stately and gorgeous, ornamented and complex when it comes to patterns and colors.

Contemporary rugs are more artsy than traditional ones. They may have abstract works of art printed on them. One thing that traditional and contemporary rugs may have in common is their outstanding beauty, only that traditional rugs are being known for their luxurious accent.

Contemporary Rugs vs. Transitional Rugs

While contemporary rugs may look just as simple yet attractive, transitional rugs may also complement the type of living space that you have. Transitional rugs have a combination of traditional and contemporary look so much that the traditional and contemporary designs seem to overlap, making this type of rugs very popular.

Shopping for contemporary rugs would usually take a lot of time and patience, or even cost you some money. But there’s no more need to worry cause there are just some furniture shops that sell or supply them at a lower cost, or you may even visit some stores that you prefer such as Jaipur and The Rug Company.


It all started with a vision of founder N.K. Chaudhary who wanted the company to connect people from around the world in search for skilled workers surrounding him in India and through this, Jaipur is what it is today, growing to become one of the world’s leading rug manufacturer with its sustainability.

Jaipur has one if its store headquartered in Atlanta, GA where it is led by his daughter, Asha Chaudhary who helped expand the company’s business by offering to include natural, modern and traditional collections of rugs, even flatweaves.

Here are some sample of Jaipur’s contemporary rugs.

The Rug Company

This rug manufacturer or company

was built by collaborative effort and manpower involving weavers, spinners, delivery men and those who lay the finished product . Through this, the people behind this company share a collective pride of their finest rugs , selling them with good quality to their customers.

The Rug Company founders understand the importance or value of raw material since rug is good as the fiber it is woven from. They use wool as fiber as it is rich in natural lanolin. Aside from the raw material’s value, design is also important for this company’s founders. For them, commercial success is not a goal but rather a by-product of creativity, originality and ability.

The Rug Company’s sample of contemporary rugs might just pique your interest in buying them and placing them at the doorstep of your house or inside. They are available in different designs,

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