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Conservatory Blinds

Ever heard of a conservatory?

It is actually a room or building which has a  glass roofing or wall and it is used as a greenhouse or sunroom. It can also refer to a room typically attached on one side of a residential house. A conservatory can also mean a school in which students are being taught music, dance or theater.

A conservatory room here simply refers to a greenhouse, sun parlor, patio room, sun porch, garden conservatory, Wintergarden or Florida room.

Even a conservatory room needs window blinds for it either to block out or allow a little amount of sunlight. Here are some samples of conservatory blinds .

You can find these conservatory blinds and buy them from your preferred supplier  or you can also buy any of them from Conservatory Blinds Limited, Appeal Home Shading, and Apollo Blinds. They supply you and other customers high quality blinds you need for your conservatory room.

Conservatory Blinds Limited

This company has been Britain’s favorite family owned specialists of conservatory blinds for over 20 years. They have been supplying these kinds of window blinds for everyone’s conservatory room since the year 1995 up to the present time.

This family owned business was operated by Peter Matthews who still remains as the company’s owner and Managing Director. They initially started the business by offering pli-soil pleated blinds and French pinoleum blinds which were both highly executive in the mid-late 90s. The team behind this also been working as a sole trader for 5 years until they finally became a limited company called “Conservatory Blinds Limited”. 2001 was considered to be a key year for Conservatory Blinds Limited as this company grew quickly, increasing its sales by over 25% and expanding their staff to cover even greater areas. Following this, the company noticed that its suppliers often struggled to keep the pace in demand so they established their own manufacturing facility near Ashford in Kent.

Up to the present time, Conservatory Blinds Limited still continues to supply or manufacture high quality blinds for everyone’s conservatory room.

Appeal Home Shading

Appeal Home Shading has been operating its business since the year 1988 where a local business man purchased a small Bristol based retail blinds business and focus on conservatory blinds took off. Then later on in 1990, the company launched the French Pinoleum as its specialty fabric.

The popularity of conservatory rooms soared and so did their production facilities, doubling its size in the early 1990s.

Apollo Blinds

This industry or business started in the year 1972, becoming one of UK’s leading retailer of window blinds, awnings and shutters. It is a national brand delivering a local service , having a staff consisting of passionate people with years of skill and experience and are committed to providing very high standards when it comes to giving expert advice and installing made to measure blinds.

Aside from this, the team behind this company is  a franchise network and every retailer is owned by an entrepreneur totally focused on running their own business.





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