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Brand New vs. 2nd Hand Furniture

Which is better.. having a 2nd hand furniture and keeping it or buying a brand new one? Buyers would usually have second thoughts about whether they would buy a brand new one or rather just the second hand furniture that’s being sold somewhere. While there’s joy of having a brand new furniture for our house, it is also best that we go for a furniture that was being used before but still in its good condition. People can have benefits and drawbacks  from buying either the new one or the second hand type of furniture.

There are advantages and disadvantages of buying a second hand type or used furniture. One of the advantages of buying used furniture is that it helps people save money, especially those who only have a limited amount of budget or that buyers could have a bargain over the price of the furniture. It is best to buy a second type of furniture not only because it saves people hundreds of their money , but because it is also still in its good condition.

However, the cons of buying second hand kinds of furniture are that it might be lacking warranty or no longer in its good state or condition when bought , especially if it is through an online shopping. It’s recommendable to purchase a second hand type of furniture from an individual owner rather than over the internet as it allows you to check if the unit of furniture is still okay or if there has been any damage before buying it.

There are some  tips to consider before buying a 2nd hand type or used furniture:

1)  Inspect the furniture

This is usually the first step needed  before buying any type of furniture that is 2nd hand. Checking the condition of the furniture is really a must for any buyer in order to avoid getting his or her money wasted, much more having to regret going on impulsive buying. It is important for a furniture buyer to take time checking or inspecting the furniture before even purchasing it.

2) Use or test the furniture first

See to it that you test every furniture you thought of buying. Like for example, a chair. Try sitting on it and check if there’s any defect on the unit or article of furniture.

3) Know your space

Another thing to consider before buying the unit or article of furniture is to check your room’s spacing. Check the size, dimensions, and every important details of your house or place or you are staying at.

4) Save up your budget

Being a wise shopper is important as well so it is best to make a budget plan. Decide on how much you can afford to pay for the furniture you think of buying. Spend not more than what you have. And also, watch out for the delivery price or cost, especially if it’s from elsewhere.

5) Look at where you could find bargains

Thinking of having bargain prices? You could spot some of those at garage sales, online auctions,  flea markets, junk stores, etc.

Even buying a brand new furniture has its own benefits and drawbacks as well. Well , yeah.. it is brand new but it might not be used all of the time. Given that it’s nice for the visitors to look at , the big deal is that, the furniture is or might be too costly.

There are questions to ask ourselves  like Do I really need to buy these brand new pieces of furniture now? Are there still any used up furniture that’s still in good condition and can be used? Will these even be worth my budget? What will I do with this brand new furniture some years after and will this be still in its good condition?  before buying a  brand new furniture. We wanted to avoid the habit of impulsive buying so it’s best if we consider both the benefits and drawbacks of buying either of the two.

So which one will you go or settle  for? The brand new one or the 2nd hand type?


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