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Braided Rugs

Rugs with braids? You can have them displayed in your household, whether it is in your bedroom, kitchen floor, bathroom  and even your living room. Braided rugs have been a staple product during the early Colonial American culture. The material used by settlers to weave this kind of floor covering were scraps of clothing and other excess materials. They can be constructed in a variety of different way, especially a band braided construction, flat braid construction, yarn braid construction, and cloth braid construction.

Each braid construction differs from one another. A band braid construction is a type of braid construction that boasts wide bands of either colored or multicolored braids made from pre-determined patterns in order to offer an appealing , thick look. A flat braid construction, which is a common construction,  has one of the easier and classic methods compared to the other three. A yarn braid construction evolves from that of a yarn in its initial state to a uniquely finished area rug. Last but not the least is the cloth braid construction indicates that of a time when an outgrown clothing was cut into strips then hand braided into a floor covering.

Band Braid Construction 


Flat Braid Construction 

Yarn Braid Construction

Cloth Braid Construction 

Braided rugs serve a purpose at your home and there are three reasons why these kinds of rugs are displayed at home. First of all, braided rugs have this classic style of beautifying everyone’s home. They never go out of style no matter how many times their materials change. Second reason is that they are more than just a home décor, they serve a purpose of protecting everyone’s flooring. There are certain models that are made with strong and durable materials which hold up stress of foot traffic very well. Last but not the least, braided rugs also serve as decoration or ornaments to the floor. They create a unique decorative element which helps bring all of the surrounding elements together in a fashionable manner.

Check out these different braided rug designs from stores like Capel Rugs, Stroud, and many other stores where you could find and purchase them.

Braided Rugs by Capel Rugs

Capel Rugs started to operate its business in weaving braided rugs way back in 1917, founded by Leon Capel who initially named the company as ‘New Departure’. Mr. Capel’s vision was to create rugs which would stand the test of time and in order to fulfill this vision, he purchased the first two of spinning mills that the company would acquire to provide a steady supply of high quality yarns. However, during the time of Depression , everything went tough, especially for Leon who then ran out of money that he decided to offer a cow to Kell Brown, who was running the spinning mill but was rejected. Undaunted by this, Leon kept on working . With his determination to keep the company running, Leon Capel worked until the company succeeded in growing and manufacturing products.

Up to this present time, Capel Rugs continues to produce a lot of rugs, especially braided ones. They supply high quality rugs for everyone to purchase and enjoy displaying them in their room.

Braided Rugs by Stroud

Stroud is a  family owned business that makes sure that the people behind it treats their employees and customers like family. This company has been weaving rugs for generations and focuses entirely on braided rugs. Their rugs are made-to-order.

Braided Rugs by HomeSpice

Homespice is another known family business in the U.S. which was founded in the year 1998 by Junior Gupta, otherwise known as J Quilts. The team behind this family business manufactured and wholesaled primarily handcrafted quilts that come with a small selection of matching braided rugs. However, later on in the year 2004, they dropped the quilt line and focused on expanding their hand-crafted braided rug and accessories under the Homespice Décor product line.






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