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Black Rugs

Loving the color black? There are black rugs you can find anywhere and in every rug store you visit. Shops like Rugs USA, IKEA, Poundstretcher and other stores you can visit and find them. You can also go to stores like Crate & Barrel, Dash & Albert and Apple Rugs. They supply high quality black rugs for you and other customers to display and enjoy.

View some of these rugs from Rugs USA, IKEA and Poundstretcher.

Black Rugs by Rugs USA

Black Rugs by IKEA

Black Rugs by PoundStretcher

PoundStretcher is established in the year 1981 and known as the UK’s leading variety discount for quality food, toiletries, home-ware brands and garden essentials. They offer over 5,000 products at the lowest prices any customer can afford and they provide shoppers with an incredible selection of item that ranges from £49 up to £150.

This shop also offers great value prices on everyday big brand items including toiletries, household goods, and food, as well as bedding, bathroom products, furniture, kitchenware, children’s toys and even pet care products for shoppers who are money conscious. Poundstretcher makes it sure that their customers are getting the best deals, thus making their budget go further without making any sacrifice on quality and style.

Wanting more of black rugs? You can also browse through these rugs by Crate & Barrel, Dash & Albert and

Apple Rugs

Black Rugs by Crate & Barrel

Black Rugs by Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert is an Anne Selke company which provides comfort , color and elegance to anyone’s home as its founder Annie Selke sees it to be. The founder’s designs have been featured in magazines, TV segments and even in blog posts. Ms. Annie Selke is a popular speaker at design conferences and events as well as a consummate traveler and flea-market treasure hunter who gathers inspiration wherever she goes.

The team behind this company is a free-spirited and design driven family of companies creating enthusiasm through their timely and timeless lifestyle products and having a caring commitment to their people and process.

Black Rugs by Apple Rugs

Their rug styles include modern wool rugs, traditional rugs, natural rugs, flatweave rugs, plain shaggy. You can even choose your preferred rug color, material and shape.



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