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Is a table runner the same as tablecloth?

Table runners and tablecloth are quite different from each other as table runners only cover the middle part of your dining table whereas tablecloths cover the whole. Table runners may also be a best way to add life or drama to your dining table and they also vary in size and pattern, depending on your dining table’ s length.

Just as you know it, table runners may also be placed on top of a tablecloth, serving as its layer or décor. Table runners are available at almost any store, especially in the fabric and linen as well as the department store. Shopping for table runners may be quite challenging for most people as considerations must be made such as that they need to check the length of the table runner or even the size of their dining table.

You may also create your own table runner . An advantage of creating your own is that you have a vast choice of fabric , designs and patterns available, whether you want your runner simple or luxurious. Adding to that, sewing kids inflatable water park your own table runner may perfectly fit the size of your table at home.

When buying a table runner, you would have to check the size of your dining table first by measuring its width and length, adding a minimum allowance of 12 inches and maximum of 24 inches. Choose a runner with a width about one third the size of your dining table. Most sizes of table runners vary in standard sizes. Their standard widths measure about 10, 12, 13, 14 or 15 inches and their lengths about 54, 72 , 90 and 108 inches. Don’t fret when the width of the table runner that you desire doesn’t exactly measure about one third the width of your table, as well as its length.

There are many ways on how you will use your table runner, depending on the kind of table you have. Table runners don’t have to necessarily be used on dining tables alone. Other kinds of tables where you can use your table runner are hall tables, nightstands, patio tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, and end tables, whatever shape they may be.

You could also place your table runner either lengthwise, across the table, over other table linens, or on other furniture, whichever you want. The table runner you choose must also fit or complement the kind of setting (formal or informal) or the kind of dinnerware you have at home.

As to where you can buy table runners, shops or sources such as Pottery Barn, Tablecloth Factory, Etsy and Crate & Barrel are a good place to go and visit. They provide the best quality of table runners you may be looking for.

Table Runners by Pottery Barn

Table Runners by Tablecloth Factory

Table Runners by Etsy

Table Runners by Crate and Barrel

Aside from adding life , table runners serve more purpose such as that it takes the job of a placemat, it becomes a dresser scarf, unifies the decorative elements, serves a backdrop for sculpture and art, protects your furniture, adds a festive note for holidays, serves as centerpiece and makes statement in your dining room.

There are many types of table runners as well and they include Holiday, Formal, Boudoir, Handmade, Casual, Shabby Chic, Country French, and Country.

Trivia: Did you know that table runners already existed during the Middle Age period? This was because during those days, medieval folks were thought to be sloppy. Although napkins have been invented for them to wipe their mouth, the King and his company still turn their cups of alcohol or wine over the cloth. A table runner then became a fixture for these men and other royalties by the 15th century.


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out more of these photos of table runners.

Holiday Table Runners

Formal Table Runners

Boudoir Table Runners

Handmade Table Runners

Casual Table Runners

Shabby Chic Table Runners

Country French Table Runners



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