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Plastic Tablecloth

Believe it or not, plastic tablecloth is considered as the most important variety of tablecloth as they can either be your vinyl tablecloth or PVC tablecloth. This kind of tablecloth both has its benefits and drawbacks or limitations.

Benefits of Plastic Tablecloth

One of the advantages or benefits of plastic tablecloth is its durability as it is scratch resistant and has a protective covering compared to other linens. Adding to this is the polyester which gives these kinds of tablecloth strength. They may also be water-resistant and stain-proof.

Another advantage of plastic tablecloth is its affordability that anyone would not have to worry about its maintenance cost and they can replace their tablecloth frequently. More kids inflatable water park than this, plastic tablecloths are easy to clean , no matter how many times you spill something on it. Compared to cotton or traditional fabric linens, you can hardly see any stains of food on a plastic tablecloth.

Plastic tablecloth nowadays vary in different kinds, especially in markets where you would see vinyl tablecloth and they also have different designs like crochet patterns and clear vinyl.

Drawbacks or Limitations of Tablecloth

While we mentioned the benefits of having plastic tablecloth as covers, here are some of the drawbacks or limitations. First will be the feel or texture of this kind of tablecloth.  Their stains may be hardly seen but you could feel the stickiness. Moreover, you will find them hard and rigid when you feel it.

Another drawback or limitation would be the appearance as it lacks home décor.  Not only are plastic tablecloths plain even though there may be some colors that you would see on them, but they are cheap as well.

Last but not the least, plastic tablecloths are hard to repair once it got burned or torn. You would have to replace the whole tablecloth once it is damaged. There is just no way that you can remedy this damage by adding some patchwork as it would ruin the print design.




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