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Linen Napkins

No formal table setting is ever complete without these napkins. In every occasion, linen napkins are being used almost everywhere, even in fine dining restaurants. Whether it is a wedding reception, birthday or any other kinds of celebration, you see them placed in a formal setting.

Linen napkins are available at any fabric and linen store,  especially Williams-Sonoma, Dunelm, LinenMe and other fabric stores where you may visit and buy them. They kids inflatable water park supply good quality linen napkins that you need in preparing for your event.


Founded in the year 1956 by Chuck Williams, this premier specialty retailer are considered the best-known and most respected among any industry for their high quality and stylish products for anyone’s household needs, from kitchen to almost any part of their house.

Its first store opened , retailing a small range of kitchen/cookware imported from France then later on expanding its business/product line , selling out to more than 250 countries nationwide. This industry commits to serve their customers with great quality products.


This shop initially started out in the small high street units based in few towns across East Midlands. It was founded in the year 1996, with Bill and Jean Adderley  as it owner then later on run by Will Adderley as the Chief Executive. This shop was actually run as a home textile business that features a wide range of products that anyone can afford to purchase.

Included in their product lines are beddings and other furniture stuff, even for dining such as table linens. Their linen napkins are available by brands (Dorma, Spectrum, Dunelm, Jamie Oliver and Hotel), color, material, and price range.


Founded by Inga, an interior designer who found a very strong passion for linen as her future business even before graduating. According to her, pure linen has some sort of magic powers like any natural fibers do. This company is run as a family business with Inga working as the 3rd generation. Most, if not all, of the products in this company are handmade.

Linens from this company or business line are available in a wide range and by different patterns, designs, décors, textures and colors.

You may also settle for creating your own linen napkins instead when you want to save some of your budget. If you’re in need of tips on how you could sew your own, here are a few of some blog sites that would help you: “Setting The Table: 10 DIY Cloth Napkins” by CYD Converse, “Easy DIY Project: Making Your Own Cloth Napkins” by Apartment Therapy, “7 DIY Projects With Cloth Napkins” by Jodi Kahn (HGTV), and many more sites that will surely give you an idea on how you would sew your own cloth/linen napkins.

Check out more of linen napkins by taking a look at these photos:


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