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How To Sew Your Own Table Runner

Why worry about buying table runners from fabric and linen stores when you can sew one for your own dining table? You could just buy a variety of fabric , whether simple or patterned, that you need and leave the rest of the task at home.

Sewing your own table runner is just easy as 1, 2, 3. You may even turn this DIY project of yours into a business. Apartment Therapy Tutorial has at least some tips and tutorials on how you would craft your own table runner.

To start, you may be needing materials and equipment such as thread, scissors, pins (optional only) , sewing machine, iron and ironing board, fabric, and ruler or measuring tape. The kids inflatable water park first step is to measure out your table’s width and length (give an allowance of at least one inch to both the width and length). Consider your table size and tableware as well. Second is to cut the fabric that you will be using for your dining table to the required size.

After the fabric is cut, iron the material then stitch around the entire edge to give it a professional look and prevent it from fraying. Make sure that you go along the length of the fabric and fold it over ½” then iron the folded area or flat. Add a couple of pins to secure the fold in place. As soon as you are done with this step, fold in the corner in order to create a 45 degree angle then fold each side over until the two sides meet in the corner. Note: You may use your finger or a pin to tuck in the excess fabric under its folded edge.

Sew the four sides all together. The technique in keeping the stitch running continuously is to hand wind the pin down, allowing the needle to go into the fabric then release the presser foot and pivot the fabric until it reaches the next length of the fabric that needs stitching.

Last but not the least, trim the excess thread, allowing you to create your finished product.

You may check out some photos of handmade or DIY table runners.

Or you may also visit other sites or read some blog posts about DIY table runners to keep you inspired in sewing a handmade table runner. Inspirational ideas include KristinKnotPie’s “DIY Dollar Store Valentine Table Runner” , Susan Flemming’s “How To Make A One Hour Table Runner” (Super Mom-No Cape!) , and any other blog sites that include tutorials on how to make your own table runner.

With these samples to give you an idea, you may now create or sew your very own table runner and decorate them.



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