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Creative Tablecloths

Who says that table cloth should be just plain?

Nowadays, there are more different designs of tablecloth that people can buy in the market, either they are patterned or themed. You may also have your own creative tablecloth by designing it yourself, whichever design you would want to have.

Here are some inspiring DIY design ideas for your creative tablecloth:

1) “I’ll Do It Myself” Tablecloth by Yellow Brick Home

With this kind of DIY , you may need a plain tablecloth and some paint or whatever materials you want to use in designing your own creative tablecloth such as spray paint or poster paint . The kind of design you wanted is up to you.

2) DIY Roses Tablecloth by Almalu’s Place

For this tablecloth design, you will need fabric paint, brush, bowl, tablecloth, and celery. You would have to cut the celery stick , forming it into a rose (it will also serve as a stamp). Choose the color of fabric paint you would want to use then put an amount of it into the bowl and stir it a little. Dip the celery stick into the bowl of paint and use it to stamp on kids inflatable water park your tablecloth. Adjust the quantity or amount of paint using a brush (if you want to do so). Let the paint dry for a number of hours as indicated on your paint instructions.

3) DIY Bunting Tablecloth by Jenny

Materials needed for this tablecloth design are stick-on measuring tape, twine ,temporary fabric pen, scotch tape, fabric paint (whichever color you want), tablecloth, and sponge. Your tablecloth should be put to laundry and ironed as well before using it. Place it on the center of the table you would be using and line each edges with an aid of a stick-on measuring tape. Cut a piece of the twine at least 6 inches longer than your table then tape one of its edges down. You may adjust the length of the twine so as to give it a soft curve or even use a straight pin dead center of the table and hang the twine on its top, creating a double curve. Tape the second edge of the cloth down and mark the string in order for you to do the same on the opposite side. Trace the line using a fabric pen.

With the use of a cardstock, cut some flags and stick or tape along the dotted line. Pull the sides of your tablecloth up to the tabletop and trace each flag with strips of tape (any kind of masking tape will do). Check or see that you smoothed all edges in order to prevent the paint from leaking then cover the tabletop with paper or wrapper to protect it from the paint.

Next step is to cut the sponge into strips. With the use of a plate as paint palette, dab the paint lightly on each flag then carefully keep it inside the tape lines. Let the paint dry for 15 minutes (you may add a second coat if you wish to do so.) As the paint dries off, do the same on the other side of your tablecloth. Once all the sides have fully dried, paint on the lines using a small paintbrush. You may also make a stitch with a use of embroidery thread. Last but not the least, create a small bow effect using a small slanted brush. Paint two pointed ovals and add some wiggles for the bow ties at the end. Let the paint dry once again.

4) Valentine’s Day + A DIY Project by Abby Larson

For this DIY project, you will be needing table with linen, iron, lace and straight pins (preferably those with round heads).

To start this project, the first thing you have to do is to measure your table. Add up all of its sides, make sure that you give it an allowance of 2 inches. Buy all supplies that you need for this project, including the lace. You may need to convert the measurement into yards. Be sure to choose a nice graphic pattern as well aside from floral ones.

Next is to iron under 1” of your lace and fold it over to create a nice and smooth effect. Pin down into the fabric , allowing you to weave in and out of the lace and linen until it ends. Check that you show a little of the pin outside of the linen and that the pins are side by side. Repeat the process until you pin around the entire table up until its end. Pull the lace tightly as possible until you make the design and pin the smooth edge on top. Note that the lace should only overlap about 1 inch.

5) DIY Tablecloth With Circle Patches by ObservationDiary.com

You’ll be needing these materials : fabric scraps, fabric pen or marker, scissors, base fabric (your choice), masking tape or any circular shape item, matching color threads & sewing machine with decorative stitch options, and fabric glue.

First, hem all the sides of the base fabric then use a masking tape or any item of that is circular as its template to cut circle patches. Lay out your base fabric then place the circle patches on it. With the use of a little amount of fabric

glue, mount the circle patches on your fabric. Choose at least one decorative stitch of your choice to secure these circle patches. You may even split it into several sewing sessions to make the stitching less tedious.

6) Pretty Painted Table Cloth DIY by Ashley

Materials you will be needing in this project are tablecloth, pencil with eraser , fabric paint (preferably green and yellow) , small sponge roller, and painter’s tape.

Measure and tape down the stripes for the effects (use a ruler as much as possible to keep the lines straight) . Use a small sponge roller to apply paint. Create dots as stamp effect on the tablecloth using a pencil eraser. Layer the dots randomly. Last step is to let the paint dry for about 4 hours.

For more inspiring creative tablecloth design ideas, check out these other cool designs.










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