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Cebu Furniture

Go local by patronizing and buying Cebu furniture products for your house. Even though they may seem like old-fashioned to some, there are still those who go for local instead of imported furniture products. Cebu is well-known to most buyers for the high-end quality product they sell, their artistic side in creating an environment-friendly furniture with the use of native materials that

give everyone a sense of comfort and ‘feel at home’ mood.

Some of Cebu’s furniture products are made out of coconut, barnacles, cassava, wood, rattan, tobacco and other useful materials the people of Cebu could ever think of. This kind of artistry in making furniture makes Cebu even more popular to people, even that of celebrities like Brad Pitt who purchased red Dragnet lounge chairs made or crafted by a Cebuano, Kenneth Cobonpue.

Kenneth Cobonpue is one of Cebu’s known furniture designer whose creations were seen in Hollywood movie ‘Oceans Thirteen’ and television series ‘CSI: Miami’.


Most of Cobonpue’s creations come from materials like rattan, abaca and bamboo, which made them popular, either here in Philippines or other countries. Who would not want to purchase most of his masterpiece and bring them home? Cobonpue is Cebu’s pride , known for his unique furniture creations, even celebrities or prominent figures like Brad Pitt bought his creation (e.g. Dragnet lounge chair and Le Petit voyage crib) .

Why settle for imported furniture product when you can patronize local ones here in Philippines? Be a proud Pinoy and a patronizer of Cebu furniture products instead.


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