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Designing Your Dream Wardrobe

So you dream of having a nice wardrobe where your outfits or clothes and accessories (whether for casual, business, formal, sporty, etc.) are stored together but have no idea on how to store them together in one closet, whether folded or hanged? Having a problem with the capacity of your wardrobe? Reading these tips carefully would surely help or guide you all the way to design your very own wardrobe:

1) Take a complete and careful measurement of your room.

Measuring your room completely and carefully would be one of the important steps on designing your wardrobe. Pay attention to the details of your bedroom like the height of its ceiling and other necessary things you needed to know before constructing your plan. Failing to plan carefully before designing  would not only be waste of your money and time, but it will also turn your dream wardrobe into a flop.

2) Decide on how or what style your wardrobe will be like

In designing your wardrobe, it is also important that you also examine and assess on how it will look like, or ask yourselves questions (e.g. “Would I want this wardrobe to have many shelves or racks? Do I want this to have hooks or even a storage for both folded and hanged clothes?”, etc.) It’s also important that a person assesses his or her lifestyle before he or she starts having a wardrobe designed.

3) Save enough room for your unused or unworn clothes/Get rid of them

Having an unworn or unused clothes in your closet but still want to wear it? Don’t throw them away just yet! You could store them in one of the space of your closet for future use. Who knows you’re going to need them just in case?

But as for your clothes that you think you no longer fit in, dislike or don’t even wear, get rid of them. You could either sell them online or give them away to the less fortunate people who are in dire need.

4) Decide whether you would want a professional to build your dream wardrobe or from scratch.

Whether you want your dream wardrobe that is already built or done by a professional or from scratch, give them enough time to work on how you want your dream wardrobe. Don’t rush or pressure them.  You wouldn’t want your dream wardrobe done with poor performance or quality or in other words- a flop!



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