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Wooden Bed Furniture Frame

Looking for wooden frames for your bed at home? You could check out some examples of wooden bed frames in stores or you could have one built for yourself. There are things that we needed to consider when we settle for buying a bed frame:

1) Determining the size of the bed frame needed

A size of the bed frame has to correspond with that of the mattress and its sizing options include twin size beds (39 inches by 70 inches), extra long twins (39 inches by 80 inches) , full size beds –double or standard (54 inches by 75 inches), queen size beds (60 inches by 80 inches), king size beds (76 inches by 80 inches) and California kings (72 inches by 84 inches).

2) Measuring your bedroom

Placing a mattress on the floor can help you measure

the amount of space that will be filled by the bed or you could even have some newspapers as a substitute. You might be needing a space-saving bed frame in case your room is somewhat small.

3) Considering the height of the frame

Considering your bed frame’s height is important as it has an important factor, as well as the mattress’s thickness and box spring.

4) Considering your bedroom’s style

Bed frames are an important element or factor with its headboards and frames being the first one to be noticed, followed by the finishing touch, details and overall size that will complement your bedroom.

Benefits of Choosing A Wooden Bed Frame

Why choose a wooden type of bed frame over other materials? Choosing a wooden type of bed furniture frame has its own benefits. For instance, aesthetically, wooden bed frames do provide a rustic appearance to someone’s bedroom, giving off a warm feeling and making the space look more elegant and sophisticated. Aside from their aesthetical appearance, wooden bed frames also contribute good environmental impact to a bedroom in which it is more easier to be recycled than a metal bed frame is and wooden bed frames are known for their uniqueness since they have different wood grains and unique figures on each surfaces.

Adding to the environmental impact is the sense of comfort to people in sleeping wherein wooden bed frames allow the use of mattresses, adding constant airflow which allows the mattress to breathe, thus enhancing or giving off benefits to a person’s health. Wooden bed frames also do regenerate and keep the support throughout, no matter how old it ages.

Types of Wooden Bed Frames

1) Mahogany

A type of wood that is originated in South America, Central America, and Africa. It is known for its strength in carving wood for furniture making. Other strengths of mahogany wood include its resistance to swelling, shrinking and warping.

2) Oak

Oak woods are known for their good bending qualities aside from their durability and resistance to insect and fungal attacks as well as moisture absorption. This type of wood has become an ideal or popular choice of material for furniture making and bed frames since they have beautiful grain markings.

3) Walnut

A type or kind of wood known for its hard, dense and tight-grained texture, making it resistant to shrinking and warping. A good example of this kind of wood is the American black walnut which has a soft to medium density wood, closely pored and beautifully dark brown color, blended with purple overtone.

4) Maple

Another type of wood known for its huge strength and hardness, making it dense and resistant to shock. It is also considered as one of the harder domestic woods and a good material for working with shelves, paneling and cabinet furniture.

5) Cherry wood

A wooden type of material also known for its resistance to shrinking and warping as well as its change of color when exposed to sunlight. This type of wood is ideal for cabinet making.

6) Pine wood

Known for its uniform texture, this type of wood is easy to work with since it is considered to be a fast-growing and common type , also it is very effective for its cost. Pine wood is also known for its resistance to shrinkage, swelling and warping, but only good for interior use since it is not free from any insect attacks or decays.

7) Redwood

This type of wood is known for its quality of being light, durable and easy to work with, as well as it is naturally resistance to decay brought by adverse weather conditions, considering it to be excellent for furniture and bed frame making.

8) Veneered/Foiled Woods

These types of woods are considered as another way of controlling movements to stick or glue together thinly sheets of wood. It can also select usually beautiful boards, carrying its appearance and giving an aesthetical look, but without a high quality cost.

Finally, you might want to watch this video on how to measure your bed frame for a fitted sheet.



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