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Top Bathroom Designs

It’s time to give your bathroom another look. Are you needing design ideas that would help you remodel or revamp your bathroom?

Whether the space of your bathroom is large or small, you trampoline water park for sale could still design the room to make it look better and refreshing. Here are some tips from Better Homes and Gardens that would guide you in renovating your bathroom.

1) Planning An Efficient Layout

In designing a portion of your house like the bathroom, it is always a must to have a blueprint of your preferred design. It is important to have a layout of your bathroom design—how you want your bathroom to look like, how would you want your bathroom wall to appear (e.g. one-wall, two-wall, etc.). Take http://www.pinoyfurniture.com/dining-room-furniture/rattan-dining-tables note, however, that  this depends on your bathroom space. You also have to consider the room’s capacity or limitations before you even plan your layout.

2) Trying Different Layouts

Plan A not working out for your bathroom? Try a different one or the other. Each wall layout depends on your bathroom space. A two-wall layout makes your bathroom space look more flexible and spacious wherein portions of your bathroom such as the sink and toilet can be built on one wall while your tub and shower on the other side. A three-wall layout, on the other hand, may be a  multi-faceted type of wall layout , but it can also be complicated and costly for your bathroom.

In having either of these layouts done on your bathroom, you might need an experienced or certified designer to help you or work with you to save enough budget.

3) Considering the Sink

Whenever you plan your bathroom layout,  always consider the space for your sink and its type. Is your sink the intrinsic type or the under-mount type?

4) Designing A Bathroom Light Plan

Included in your bathroom layout planning is the bathroom light as well. The most crucial part of planning your bathroom light is the mirror. Consider having the lights mounted on your bathroom walls, at the sides of your mirror with the third light placed above your bathroom mirror. This type of arrangement provides a glow to your bathroom and lessens the shadow.

5) General Bathroom Lighting Tips

It is typical to use ceiling mounted lighting fixtures for your bathroom and add some chandeliers or pendant lights to increase or enlighten the mood, however, the type of lighting fixture to be placed depends on the  capacity and style of your bathroom.

6) Making A Statement With The Bathroom Tub

Bathroom tubs are the central point of these room and they play an important role on decorating your bathroom. Let your bathroom do the talking by having either a free-standing bath tub which rests on claw-and-ball feet or even a pedestal-based bath tub. A stream-lined and straight-sided tub may even work as well.

7) Designing A Spa Shower

Make your bathroom look dreamy and enticing by turning it into  a spa type. Add variety of shower heads (e.g. body spray, handheld shower and ceiling mounted showers) to your bathroom. Each type of shower head would be perfect enough to make your bathroom look like a spa to you, your family and even your guests.

8) Expressing on Cabinetry

Make your bathroom cabinetry stylish by having it designed either vintage type, contemporarily, Old World style or even traditionally. Bathroom cabinetries also have some importance as they hold or store items needed for your bathroom (e.g. bathroom vanities, essentials, etc.)

9) Selecting Your Bathroom Flooring

The floors on your bathroom have to be resistant from slips, impermeable, and attractive . To give your bathroom flooring a luxurious look, have at least a ceramic tile or a honed flooring polish.




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