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3 Creative ideas for your bathroom space

creative bathroom ideasLet’s face it! The bathroom is one room in a household seldom given much attention. And basically, it is one of the most used room in the house. All the people living in your house go through this room. Common household have lots of things to store in their bathrooms.  The essential items such as bath linen, grooming kits, and sanitary supplies( toiletries, and bathroom cleaning products). Nowadays people maintain more volume of toiletries, medicines, grooming aids and mountains of towels and wash cloths. With this, most bathroom does not really offer a lot of space for storage. This is one of the major reasons for this, the bathroom layouts are fairly inflexible. Moving fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, or toilets to make room for a closet or cabinet is impossible without major remodeling.

Guess what’s the solution? Make the bathroom more creative! By doing creative ideas for storage space, you’ll be amazed  how many things you can fit into your bathroom without it looking like a toiletry convenience store.

Use the Storage space under your sink – Typical household vanity box with one or two doors. These are commonly found under the sink, where its main function is covering the drain and supply lines. It is also often the bathroom’s biggest toilet seat space savingspace waster.

Use the top of toilet – often times the space above your toilet sink is not use. By thinking of creative ideas to design your throne, you can utilize the space over the top of the toilet tank. Place a woven  basket to hold some small toiletries such as nail clippers, cotton buds, cotton and razors.

Use the wall space – any wall surface on an interior partition can provide a few more valuable inches of storage by making use of suction hooks and hangers. These can be mounted on many surfaces and play a major role in  establishing style as well. You can choose from cleaned-lined, plastic, practical vinyl-covered wire warm-toned wood, old-fashioned ceramic or funky animal designs. These can be hung anywhere in your bathroom, most especially on door backs. There is also option of putting up shelves in the higher portions of your tiled walls. These are spaces often unused but wit strategic installation of shelves, they can become “productive” areas. And don’t feel limited about having to bring out a small tool to be able to access them – in this case the end truly justifies the means.


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