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10 Bathtub design for stylish bathroom

Looking for the best bathtub design for your bathroom? Check out these top 10 bathtub design that I have compiled in the last few months. These bathtubs designs are professional and remarkable in design. Each tub is carefully crafted to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re soaking up or on therapy, you’ll feel artistic when your lying in the tub.



Originally was an Italian design by Bluebleu. This reclining tub provide support when your in the tub.


Teuco Sorgente Bathtub

Simple, extravagant and clean design tub by Teuco Sorgente Bathtub.


foster bathtub

Modern Design Tub by Norman Foster. The Foster Bathtub is built to design with wood around it. Simple and very modern on the edge. Just be careful not to splash so much water around.


Novellini Cristalli glass tub

Novellini Cristalli Glass Bathtub is a unusualĀ  bathtub made from glass. A glass design gives the user see-thru design and minimalist look.


vascabarca bathtub

Vascabarca bathtub – A boat shaped Vascabarca bathtub by Antonio Lupi



Shoe designed bathtub can never be boring to the user. SICIS designed these glass mosaic shoe tubs.


Kali Art Bathtubs

Kali Art Bathtub is refined and simple design. Expect to distinguished contrasting materials and futuristic design.


B0020P 0094

A big round bathtub that can be design on the corner. It gives the room more illusion of space while giving you more freedom.



Elevated design bathtub takes the room to a new dimension. Unlike other designs like circular or round bathtub, this one is more unique in conceptual bathtub design. Take your bathtub in a new heights!


Vision Gruppo Tressee Design bathtub

Eccentric Translucent Bathtub design By Gruppo Treessee. Neat looking design the is see through with rectangular shape. Stylish yet discreet and every lightweight looking design. Glass planel design makes you see through the inside.')}


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