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Shopping for good trash bins to put up in your bathroom? Tired of seeing those clutters all over your bathroom floor? It’s now time to shop for waste bins and have them placed in your bathroom.

Did you know that there are different kinds of waste bins you could buy for your bathroom? They could even come along with a brush. Kinds or styles of bathroom waste bins include a http://www.pinoyfurniture.com/dining-room-furniture/rattan-dining-tables bullet bin, round pedal bin, square pedal bin, arch bin, plastic swing bin, premium bin and flat top bin.

Bathroom waste bins are available by color (brown, trampoline water park for sale blue, silver, white, cream, and pastel) , brand (Homebase, ColourMatch, and Habitat) and capacity (3L or 5L).

They can also be bought from different suppliers. They can also be bought from different suppliers such as IKEA, Argos, Homebase, John Lewis, other brands of bathroom bins. These suppliers provide good quality bathroom waste bins for their customers.

Bathroom Bins by IKEA


Argos is considered part and sister company  of the Home Retail Group which was found in the year 1973. It is also known as a unique catalogue retailer for everyone. The company first opened its store in places like Nutgrove, Limerick and Dublin in January 1996.


Homebase was also considered part of the Home Retail Group and known to be one of the top home enhancement retailer that sold over 38,000 products for both home and garden all over UK and Ireland. One of their products include bathroom waste bins.

Bathroom Bins by John Lewis 

There are other types of bathroom bins to check out if you are looking for more.


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