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Top Richelieu Waste Bin Designs

If you are trying to recycle, make sure that you have an organized equipment for waste materials. Invest in two bins, one for recyclable waste and one for non-recyclable waste, or a bin with different chambers, which allows you to dispose of every type of waste materials in an organized and clean manner.

Here check out at some really great designs from Richelieu that make the trash bin a likeable trash.

Top Richelieu Waste Bin Designs 3614100 furnitureTop Richelieu Waste Bin Designs 461460100 furniture

Euro-Cargo Wastebin Cargo Wastebin – As you can figure out, the Euro-Cargo enter in the Soft-Motion mode. They still keep the same popular features but now offering the comfort of smooth and noise free closing. The Soft-Motion is invisible because it is already integrated in the slide. No additional mounting to do, no additional space in the cabinet required for installation.

Top Richelieu Waste Bin Designs 361315100 furniture Top Richelieu Waste Bin Designs 361321100 furniture

Richelieu Universal US Cargo Wastebin 502MM

Can be installed under a drawer to optimize storage space in your cabinet. Equipped with full-extension slides providing total and direct access to the bins.

Full extension allows easy withdrawal of the bins to empty or clean. Very large capacity in a reduced space. Bins equipped with handles for easy handling. The lid limits the flow of odours and provides additional storage space for papers to be recycled

Top Richelieu Waste Bin Designs 2500170 furniture

Richelieu Universal Recycling Center

With Capacity of 28 Liters (7.4 gal.) the Recycling Center Waste Bin requires interior dimensions of 362 mm (14 1/4 in) x 440 mm (17 21/64 in) x 420 mm (16 17/32 in) Metal sliding wastebin 2 x 14 L. Opens with the door.


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