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Creative Desk Lamps

Are you in need of desk lamps to light up your work space or area? Want the simple or creative ones?

There a lots of quirky and creative desk lamps out there in store that you can have in your house – either you can have it set up on your study table to help you do your homework or at your work desk where you could finish your paper works.

Some creative desk lamps designed were inspired from movie and game themes or out of their own creative minds. There may be also some desk lamps that are quite simple yet the creativity was still shown through its structure. Creativity in desk lamps need not be overdone.

Here are some creative desk lamp designs compiled for you to have an idea.

1) Bang! Bang!

This creative desk lamp comes along with a remote controller in a design of a gun. With just one gun shot, the light goes off and the lampshade dissertation writing help gets knocked to the side. To turn the lights on again, the user wibit inflatable water park could just “shoot” at it again. It was created by Bitplay.

2) Oppa Hangman style

A game-inspired creative desk lamp design with the light bulb as a man being hanged. To turn the lights on and off, simply pull it. This lamp design was created by Enpieza Lamp.

3) “Shopping Bag”

You may look at this creative desk lamp design as a light in a shopping bag.

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4) A Tree Or A Mushroom?

This creative desk lamp design would leave you confused and think if it’s really a mushroom or just a tree. It was creatively done. One may even think of as a different thing.

5) Mushroom Lamp

Does this lamp design remind you of a game way back during your spy on phone free download childhood years? It surely does. By looking at it, you would already recognize it as a food that the hero in your game eats to make him grow. It’s the mushroom from the Super Mario game.

6) Press “Escape” Lamp

This creative desk lamp design gives you free cell phone spy software without installation an idea of a keyboard. Press it and it switches on. It’s a desk lamp that uses LED as its lighting type.

Curious for more? Here are few more designs that would surely give you a thrill.



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