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10 cd and dvd holder designs

Need CD and DVD storage for your collection? In this post, we see some of the solutions that people have come up with for combating DVD clutter.

We actually considered design and functionality rather than storage features. Try looking at it see what’s fits for your taste.


CBK Home from Landfair

wall cd

Photo by Mattew. Show your collection thru the wall.

CD media storage

Painted CD storage from FurnitureGraphics



USB Storage Carousel DVD from ThinkGeek


Designed by Pascal Bauer. The CD Roll comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can hold up to 120 CDs. Pretty much for a design DVD storage. My review to this, it’s a simple yet effective and space-saving design.


Who’d have thought that a wall of CD storage could look as beautiful as this? From Vitsoe

untothislast CD DVD holder

Best in Design from UntoThisLast

jackrack CD storage

Red Design from JackRack


Tower CD Storage by Vismara

anthologie cd storage

From it as it were an artwork..macef anthologie cd storage check it from Mocoloco



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